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Barcode Labels, Barcode Printer & Barcode Scanners in Dubai, UAE

Barcode Store UAE is your one stop shop for everything barcoding. We are the leading suppliers of barcode labels, barcode printers & barcode scanners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE. You can can rest assured that you will buy only the best quality & branded products.

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Barcode Labels

Choosing the right labels comes down to asking some basic questions regarding usage type, application environment, required size, and duration of use. Below are few points to consider


  1. Where the labels will be applied or pasted on. 
  2. Whether the labels will be used indoor or outdoor
  3.  What is the optimal size required
  4. What type of label material is required (e.g. paper, synthetic, metal etc.)

Barcode Store UAE is a leading supplier of barcode labels for a wide range of industries. We offer Direct Thermal Labels and Thermal Transfer Labels, as well as, Synthetic Labels  for printers such as Zebra, TSC, Honeywell, Citizen, and others. A large number of our labels are available for purchase online. However, if you are unable to locate the labels you require, please contact us and we will recommend the best custom solution for your needs.

Barcode Printers

It can be confusing to select the right barcode printer. We have created a short checklist below, so you are aware of the important aspects to check for.

  1. Number of labels to be printed per day
  2. Print Resolution
  3. Printer Connectivity
  4. Software to be used

Barcode Store UAE is the ideal choice for selecting the right barcode printer. Our Printer Experts’ extensive knowledge of the products we offer ensures that you receive the correct printer for your needs rather than an unnecessary upsell.

We deal with all major brands such as Zebra, Honeywell, TSC, Citizen, Godex, etc. If you’re still unsure, read our detailed guide on how to choose a barcode printer. 

Asset Labels

At Barcode Store, we have a wide selection of various asset labels for different environments & uses. Most popular labels include:

  1. Silver Asset Labels
  2. Tamper Proof Void Labels
  3. Tamper Proof non-removable labels
  4. Metal Labels

Our label experts will help you in choosing the best type of labels for your requirements. Check out the Asset Labels we offer

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