Direct Thermal Labels

Choose from wide range of  Direct Thermal labels available from Barcode Store. All main sizes, materials, and brands are available at the lowest prices in the industry. Direct Thermal labels uses heat to print the label, making them ideal for high-volume applications such as shipping, storage, and manufacturing. Are you having trouble deciding on a label? For a free consultation, contact our Barcode Label Experts through email or phone.

Direct Thermal (DT) printing does not require the use of a thermal ribbon because it uses heat-sensitive paper that already has ink incorporated in the label material. Direct thermal labels have a shelf life of 6 to 8 months and are appropriate for indoor, temporary use.

Direct Thermal printing can be used with desktop and industrial printers. Desktop printers use 1″ core label rolls or fanfold style labels.

Industrial printers use 3″ core roll or fanfold labels. Some of the most popular industrial printers include: Zebra, Datamax, TSC, Honeywell, and Citizen. These printers have a durable design for use in demanding environments where they are capable of printing large volumes of labels at a time.
We carry various label sizes in different materials and colors to ensure you are choosing the best label for your application. This includes both 4″ and 5″ outer diameter (OD) rolls for desktop printers and 8″ to 12″ outer diameter which is used for print and apply machines.


• It is cost-effective because no ink or ribbon is required.

• There are no ribbon changes, which saves time.

• Perfect for high-volume, short-term label printing

• Simple to keep up with


• You can only print in black and white.

• The heat sensitive direct thermal label. The label will fade if it is exposed to too much heat or light.

• Scratch resistance is low

• In 2 to 3 months, the label will fade.

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