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Asset labels, barcode labels, and metal tags can be used to track and monitor essential systems and equipment. For successful asset tracking and management, label important goods such as computers, furniture, machinery, and tools.

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Asset tags and labels let you keep track of your physical assets. Barcode or serialized numbering in human readable form is uniquely customized to your specifications. Purchase asset tags online or have our design team assist you in creating a label that meets your needs. Metal, foil, aluminum, and plastic are used to create long-lasting asset labels and stickers at Barcode Store. Rugged construction that will survive for years in any environment and comes with a permanent adhesive backing for long-term asset identification.

We offer 4 types of Asset tags to meet your various identification & Security needs:

  1. 3M Silver Asset Labels – Premium 3M thick silver polyester material with strong glue for rugged outdoor application
  2. Eco Silver Asset Labels – Thinner yet durable tags, best used for IT assets, office equipemnt & furniture
  3. Tamper Proof Labels – Efficient theft prevention on high-value equipment
  4. Metal Labels & Tags – Anodized Aluminum Asset Labels with durable sub-surface image. Resists the effects of heat, cold, abrasion, chemicals, and prolonged weather exposure, for decades of reliable service in the most demanding environments.
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