How to Choose the Right Barcode Label Printer?

How to Choose Barcode Printer

There are a wide range of barcode label printers available & browsing through the models can get very confusing if you’re not sure what exactly you need to achieve your purpose. Then some companies try to sell an industrial version of the printer, whereas the desktop model would work just fine.

Hence we have created a checklist below of some of the things that you should keep in mind while selecting a printer.

1. Number of labels per day

This is an important factor when selecting the right printer. If your daily label requirement is low, say under 1000 labels of any size, it makes sense to go for a desktop model. Industrial or Heavy-Duty models are designed to print up to 10,000 – 20,000 labels in a day. The only benefit Industrial models offer is the print speed. But for low-volume printing, you will hardly notice the difference or save any considerable time.

We have had many customers over the years who insist on purchasing expensive Industrial models whereas their requirement is only for a few hundred labels a day. When we talk to them & explain the features of both printer models they realize that our suggested model is best suited for them.

Unfortunately, many sellers try to profit from the lack of information or awareness on the customers’ part by suggesting highly-priced options which do not provide any greater value to the client.

2. Print Resolution

Barcode Label printers come in 2 resolutions generally, 203 & 300 dpi. Some models come with 600dpi as well, but those are very few models and for very specific requirements.

There is also a common misconception that if an Industrial model is purchased it will provide better printing quality. It is NOT TRUE. All the barcode printers from desktop to industrial printers provide the same print resolution. As mentioned earlier, it is either 203 dpi or 300 dpi, which are the common types available. 

So which resolution is best for you? Let’s break it down industry-wise:

  •   Logistics, Warehousing, Retail, and F&B – Most of these businesses print labels for inventory & dispatch. These labels are meant to serve a specific purpose & are not to be used beyond that. Hence for most applications in this industry 203 dpi is sufficient.
  • Medical, Jewelry, Manufacturing – Many of the businesses in these industries might be ok with using 203 dpi, but there are some instances where they have to print a lot of information on a small-sized label. And thus 300 or 600 dpi is required to print very small characters accurately so it is readable.

3. Connectivity

This is a very straightforward choice, but some customers opt for options that they might seldom use. Generally, all Barcode Label printers come with 1 or all of the below connectivity options

  • USB (most common) – Lets you connect to a single PC or can be shared on a server.
  • Ethernet – Anyone on the same LAN network can print to the printer
  • Bluetooth – Lets you use external applications to print on the printer
  • Wi-Fi – The printer can be placed anywhere on the premises or can be moved to different places for convenience.
  • Serial or Parallel – These are outdated connection options but some software & application still require them to print

4. Software

Most printers come with free software which helps you type and print to almost any type of label. You can print barcodes, QR codes & many other types of codes. This works well for the majority of the customers if they just want to print multiple copies of the same design. But if you’re looking to connect an excel sheet from which you want to print the data, you will need a paid version of the software. Or if you have ERP software you can configure it to print directly onto your barcode printer.

5. Purchase from Authorized Partners only

Finally, think about where you’re going to get your barcode printer. The best option is to use authorized partners. They have expert knowledge, extensive experience, excellent customer service, and warranties, and they usually provide more than just barcode printers. Authorized Dealers are a good way to protect your barcode printer investment while also getting the best support possible.

Hope this guide helps you get a better understanding of the important features to look out for & you’re able to narrow down your search to the right barcode printer models.

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